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About Me

Hello! I'm Charlotte S. I. Vine, a narrative illustrator and writer from Essex, UK and I am an Illustration Ba Hons Graduate (First Class honours from the University of Portsmouth). Throughout my life I have revelled in creating stories and enriching the written word with illustrations. I believe the addition of images to text can enable readers to get a unique glimpse into the complex fictional worlds we create; we get to introduce our characters like old friends, like a grandparent showing photo albums to their grandchild packed with people to tell tales about.

I use a variety of different media to create illustrations and will select how to craft work depending on the genre and feel of what I am approaching. I often like to combine traditional and digital elements in my work as I enjoy the process of digital colouring, but prefer the textual nature of traditional media. 

I hope you enjoy exploring my online portfolio. If you are interested in collaborating together on a project, please do not hesitate to contact me; I look forward to hearing from you!

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